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The Young Messiah; Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Play 1. The Young Messiah Theme
Play 2. Alexandria Egypt
Play 3. Salome Reminds Jesus
Play 4. Jesus Heals Eleazer
Play 5. Herod is Dead
Play 6. Mary and Joseph/ Don't You See Him?
Play 7. The Carved Camel
Play 8. Jesus Encounters Romans
Play 9. Severus Lest Jesus' Family Go
Play 10. Herod Reprimands Severus
Play 11. Jesus Heals Cleopus
Play 12. Rape Victim
Play 13. Sister, Come to Nazareth
Play 14. Not Just A Child/ Crucifixes
Play 15. Reveal of Nazareth
Play 16. The Messiah Will Save Us!
Play 17. A Son Named Jesus
Play 18. Jerusalme For Passover
Play 19. Travel to Jerusalem
Play 20. Mary Presents Baby Jesus
Play 21. Jesus Leaves Alone
Play 22. He Wants Answers
Play 23. He's In the Temple
Play 24. Herod's Rage
Play 25. The Blind Rabbi
Play 26. Mary Reveals the Truth to Jesus/ Jesus Talks to God
Language    English
Publication Date    02/26/2016
Width    5.53
Height    0.26
Length    4.90
Units    1
UPC    780163461923
Recorded by    Young Messiah

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