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Nelson Searcy with Jennifer Dykes Henson
Widely respected authority on church leadership shows how being a healthy giver
is essential to following Jesus and gives pastors a step-by-step guide for turning
first-time givers into extravagant stewards.
• $16.00
A Disruptive Generosity
Mac Pier
Visionary leader and outreach strategist motivates
marketplace Christians to make a difference with
their generosity and helps guide them in those
decisions so they can make an impact and inspire
others to do the same.
• $13.99
The Blessed Life,
rev. and updated ed.
Robert Morris
This book will transform every area of your
life for the better: marriage, family, health,
and relationships. For when God changes
your heart from selfishness to generosity,
every part of your life journey is affected.
With warmth, passion, and clarity, Robert
Morris presents the secrets of living a
blessed life both financially and spiritually.
• $19.99
All Saints
Michael Spurlock and Jeanette Windle
Discover the true story behind the film ALL SAINTS,
and be inspired by one church’s extraordinary re-
sponse to a group of refugees in need. Pastor Michael
Spurlock’s first assignment is to close down the tiny
church building of All Saints. But when its people be-
gin welcoming refugees, Michael is called to discover
new depths to the words love your neighbor.
• $14.99
Fusion, rev. and exp. ed.
Nelson Searcy with Jennifer Dykes Henson
This revised and expanded edition offers a step-by-
step, biblically grounded, proven plan for establishing
a relationship with newcomers that ultimately prompts
them to become fully developing members of church
• $15.99
October 2017
Launch, rev. and exp. ed.
Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas with
Jennifer Dykes Henson
This revised, updated, and expanded edition of
Launch by pastors of The Journey Church in NYC
walks every church planter from the initial stages of
discerning a calling to successfully starting a new
church in today’s environment.
• $15.99
Nelson Searcy and Kerrick Thomas
Tired of being involved in a small group ministry
that fails to get people plugged in? Activate
provides practical strategies to produce life-
changing small groups at your church.
• $15.99
One by One
Gina Dalfonzo
A journalist helps the church better engage single
adults by sharing her personal experience and
insightful stories from others, revealing what singles
need from the church and what the church gains
from single people.
• $15.99
Growing Young
Kara Powell, Jake Mulder, and Brad Griffin
The team that brought you Sticky Faith reveals a
landmark study to provide a customizable roadmap of
six essential strategies of churches that engage and
retain teenagers and young adults, thus invigorating
the entire church.
• $19.99
Growing God’s Church
Gary L. McIntosh
Drawing on ten years of original research, this
author and church growth expert provides fresh
insight into twenty-first century evangelism and
practical, simple ways churches can reach new
people for Christ and involve them in church life.
• $15.99
The Five Star Church
Stan Toler and Alan Nelson
This insightful book reveals how you can pursue
Christian excellence and uphold the Lord’s command
to “honor one another above yourselves,” offering
tips, tools, and the inspiration you need to build
a top-quality church that people will flock to and
participate in.
• $15.99
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