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pastoral resources
Good Faith
David Kinnaman and
Gabe Lyons
Politics, marriage, sexuality—
with an ever-growing list of
contentious issues, believers
find it harder than ever to hold
on to their convictions while
treating those who disagree
with respect and compassion.These bestselling authors
equip readers to engage in difficult conversations with
compassion, clarity, confidence—and love.
• $15.99 •
October 2017
What Every
Pastor Should
Gary L. McIntosh
and Charles Arn
Veteran church
consultants draw upon
decades of practical
experience to present
tried and true rules of
thumb covering fifteen
ministry topics, simplifying
the task of leading a healthy church.
• $17.99
Andrew M. Davis
Pastor, Bible teacher, and
Gospel Coalition leader
combines timeless biblical
principles with specific
examples and practical
insight, giving pastors
and leaders in struggling
churches hope and strate-
gies for revitalization.
William Vanderbloemen
and Warren Bird
Through case studies,
interviews, and real time
research, this essential
guide demystifies
successful pastoral
succession and helps
readers prepare for an
even brighter future for
their ministries.
• $17.99
You Lost Me
David Kinnaman with
Aly Hawkins
Based on original
research of 18–29 year
olds who were raised
in the church, this
groundbreaking book
will help church leaders
identify who’s leaving, why they’re leaving, and
what to do about it.
• $15.99
The Conviction to
Albert Mohler
Hailed as the reigning
evangelical mind by Time,
Albert Mohler reveals his
leadership secrets and
shows how to become
a leader people want to
Prevent or Overcome Burnout
David Kinnaman and
Gabe Lyons
Based on groundbreaking
Barna Group research,
unChristian uncovers the
negative perceptions young
people have of Christianity
and explores what can be
done to reverse them.
• $15.99
The Peacemaker, 3rd ed.
Ken Sande
Conflict-resolution expert Ken Sande takes readers
beyond resolving conflicts to true, life-changing
reconciliation with family members, coworkers,
and fellow believers.
• $16.99
Resolving Everyday Conflict, upd. ed.
Ken Sande and Kevin Johnson
A practical, biblical, concise guide to peacemaking in
everyday life that can turn tumultuous relationships into
peaceful ones.
• $9.99
Barna Trends 2018
Barna Group
The Barna Group presents a year’s worth
of their major research findings. Including
infographics, analysis, and expert
commentary, this one-of-a-kind resource
consolidates the cultural, religious, and
political trends of the year.
• $29.99
December 2017
Leading on Empty
Wayne Cordeiro
Gives leaders the tools to recognize and
overcome burnout, providing them a new vision
for greater levels of both rest and productivity.
• $14.99
Lance Witt
An experienced pastor sounds the alarm
about dangers that threaten the soul of
a leader, offering hope for a sustainable
and enjoyable life.
• $14.99
Barna Group
The Tech-Wise
Andy Crouch
Thought leader and
executive editor of
Christianity Today helps
parents understand how
technology, and the way
we use it as families,
can hinder or help us and our children grow in
character and become the kind of people we
want to be.
• $13.99
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