Christian Supply 2018 Church Supplies Catalog - page 5

We serve you
We only offer those products and resources that we
know are biblically-based and Christ-honoring. While
we certainly can’t read very book or review every piece
of literature, our relationship with our suppliers,
coupled with our extensive knowledge of not only the
Christian products industry, but also the needs and
expecations of our local churches and families, allows
us to serve you with trustworthy, reliable materials…for
all your needs!
We serve you
While we can’t possibly stock every Christian product or
item every church (or individual) has need of, we have
established a network of suppliers and vendors that
work with us to deliver the items we do have to special
order for you, both promptly and accurately. In most
cases, the non-customized items in this catalog are
available in just 1-3 days from our suppliers,
allowing your ministry to move forward with the
supplies, resources and/or equipment you need.
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