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We serve you…
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In today’s expansive online world of
commerce, there are certainly other places
you can “shop”, and we are aware of that.
Keep in mind however, that even though
some large online retailers may offer
attractive services, it only makes sense to
spend your church’s budget dollars with a
retailer that SHARES your ministry heart and
Kingdom perspective. Our store is honored
to lock arms with you, as a local ministry,
and do everything within our resources to
assist you with quality, dependable
Christian products, delivered in a
customer-focused manner, to help grow the
Kingdom here in our area.
We serve you
Our store is part of this community, just like you are!
Our staff members attend (and support) churches in
this area with their finances, talents and time. It’s just
a good practice to not only “shop local”, but also to
support the businesses that help support your ministry
in this area…year round! Thank you for your support of
our store, which allows us to grow and expand to offer
even more valuable Christian resources to the
individuals, families and churches of our area!
We serve you
We want to be your ONE SOURCE for everything you
need for your church, and the families and
individuals it ministers to. That’s why we offer a wide
variety of Christ-centered materials for both the home
and church. Whether you need a Bible for a baby
dedication, candles for a special candlelight service,
or new materials for your Sunday School or VBS, we’re
here to serve you…completely!
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