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pastoral resources
The Effective Invitation: A Practical
Guide for the Pastor
R. Alan Streett
Veteran pastor R. Alan Streett offers adaptable
step-by-step preparation and presentation prin-
ciples for those charged with issuing altar calls.
| $16.99
500 Sermon Outlines on Evangelism
John Ritchie
The busy preacher or layperson will find helpful
and stimulating ideas for a dynamic preaching
and teaching ministry in these sermon outlines.
| $13.99
The Evangelism Study Bible
The Evangelism Study Bible not only provides
the training to explain and make clear the good
news of the gospel, it also will motivate readers
to evangelize out of grace rather than guilt.
| $39.99
Show Me How to
Preach Evangelistic Sermons
R. Larry Moyer
Drawing on more than thirty-five years of
evangelism experience, adroit evangelist R.
Larry Moyer communicates the motivation
and principles that enable pastors and
speakers to communicate the gospel.
| $17.99
Show Me How to
Illustrate Evangelistic Sermons
R. Larry Moyer
The right illustration is crucial in presenting
the good news. Dr. Moyer can show pastors
and speakers how to add impact to their
evangelistic preaching with proven and
time-tested principles.
| $28.99
Show Me How to
Answer Tough Questions
R. Larry Moyer
How can a loving God send anyone to hell? If
God is good, how can people be so awful? A
great resource for all church members to be
equipped for evangelism.
| $12.99
Show Me How to
Share the Gospel
R. Larry Moyer
Even if you think evangelism isn’t for you, this
step-by-step resource shows you how to start
and nurture an evangelistic life-style.
| $11.99
The Atheist Who Didn’t Exist: Or
the Dreadful Consequences of Bad
Andy Bannister
Addressing some of the more popular atheist
sound bites about the Christian faith, The Atheist
Who Didn’t Exist clears the space for a deeper
and more honest discussion about the big ques-
tions of life.
| $14.99
Against the Flow: The Inspiration of
Daniel in an Age of Relativism
John C. Lennox
“This learned exposition of Daniel shows how
the book offers powerful critiques of the modern
idolatries, whether atheist or secularist.” —Dr.
Peter J. Williams, Tyndale House, Cambridge
| $19.99
Questioning Evangelism: Engaging
People’s Hearts the Way Jesus Did
Randy Newman
A much-needed look at sharing Christ with un-
believers, based not on the techniques of guer-
rilla hard-sell tactics, but on engaging questions
and caring interaction.
| $16.99
Answering Mormons’ Questions: Ready
Responses for Inquiring Latter-day
Bill McKeever & Eric Johnson
It’s clear that Mormons’ influence is growing
in our communities. This book provides ready
responses to the common questions Christians
hear from Mormon friends, coworkers, and
| $17.99
Reaching Muslims: A One-Stop Guide
for Christians
Nick Chatrath
The gospel is magnificent and life-changing, and
we live in a day of unprecedented opportunities
to interact with Muslims. This book will help you
build open-hearted friendships.
| $12.99
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