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pastoral resources
The New Believer’s Guide to the
Christian Life
Alex Early
Many books cover how to read the Bible, how to pray,
how to find a church; this book focuses on issues of
the heart:What are Christians supposed to feel? What
happens when we sin? What does God want from us?
This book gives you a realistic picture of Christian life,
showing how to rest in God’s love, what forgiveness
looks like when you blow it, and more.
• $8.99
Jared C. Wilson
This noted pastor, speaker, and author helps readers
understand and confidently share their faith by
demonstrating how utterly unique and compelling
Christianity is compared to every other religion and
philosophy of the world, and how its unmatched truth
answers the deepest longings of every human heart.
• $14.99
Becoming a
Disciple-Making Church
Neil T. Anderson
Bestselling author Neil Anderson’s first book for
church leaders offers proven, practical methods for
turning believers into disciples. His step-by-step
approach urges churches to help their people resolve
mental and emotional conflicts because this ministry of
reconciliation is where true discipleship begins.
• $15.99
Muslims, Christians, and Jesus,
updated and exp. ed.
Carl Medearis
Provides new insights into the top questions people
have about Muslims and Islam in this completely
updated guide to understanding today’s Muslim.
With practical tips and fascinating stories, he shares
culturally sensitive ways for Christians to get to know
Muslims and shows how common ground is the best
foundation for turning hearts to Jesus.
• $14.99
Releases November 2017
A Disruptive Gospel
Mac Pier
Through inspiring success stories from around
the world, visionary leader and outreach strategist
motivates readers to discover God’s grand design
for their lives and make a positive impact on their
community for the gospel.
• $14.99
Not All Roads Lead to Heaven
Dr. Robert Jeffress
Author, pastor, and Fox News contributor challenges
the popular notion that all religions are equally
true, explores the biblical evidence for salvation
through faith in Christ alone, and equips Christians
to defend and share this foundational belief.
• $14.99
Serving with Eyes
Wide Open, updated ed.
David A. Livermore
Become a more effective cross-cultural minister by
opening your eyes to global realities and Western
assumptions about short-term missions.
• $14.99
The Art of Neighboring
Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon
Drawing on the success of their own church
campaign, two pastors help readers learn to
value, respect, and care for the people who
live in their neighborhoods.
• $14.99p
The Master Plan of Evangelism
Robert E. Coleman
Robert E. Coleman shows readers Christ’s strategy
for evangelism, pointing out the unchanging,
simple, yet profound biblical principles we can
follow to emulate Christ to others.
• $12.99
The Master Plan of Evangelism,
2nd ed., abridged
Robert E. Coleman
For more than forty years and with more than 3.5
million copies in print, this evangelism classic is
available in a convenient and affordable format.
• $5.99
Reaching Millennials
David Stark
Successful church consultant David Stark shares
proven, practical methods for churches to attract and
engage young people. Based on principles that built
the early church, Stark’s strategies help leaders utilize
their church’s strengths and show how churches can
reach out to their communities in ways that align with
the positive interests of Millennials.
• $16.99
Meet Generation Z
James Emery White
In this comprehensive overview of Generation Z,
pastor and award-winning author of The Rise of
the Nones offers ministry strategies for effectively
reaching the first truly post-Christian generation.
• $16.99
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